Howdy, I'm Paul.

I maintain a list of Requests for Collaboration. It's a collection of ideas/topics that I'm excited about and want to help with at some point. If you're involved with anything on the list, I'd love to talk.

I'm deeply inspired by the Solarpunk aesthetic. It's an optimistic, green genre of sci-fi that stokes my imagination. I occasionally write about Solarpunk on Substack and have collected a Solarpunk Canon for others to browse and share.

Previously, I've been a programmer and tech founder. I contributed to the design and implementation of the Farcaster protocol. And I led the software engineering, product, and design teams for Curative, which became one of the largest COVID-19 testing and vaccine operations in the US.

My partner, Agatha, and I live in Red Hook, NY, in the Hudson Valley. We're amateur yet ambitious gardeners and are involved in energy and housing efforts locally.

Most of the content on this website is signed by me. If you're unsure, go to this page to verify if something was written by me or not.

Go to the Socials page to see where else I am on the internet.

Last updated: February 25, 2024